Technical Articles - Stainless Steel

Effect of Nitric Acid Passivation on 316L Surface Color Tinted Electropolished Stainless Surfaces Stainless Steel Surface Analysis - Review  

Technical Articles - Applied Surface Analysis

Comparison of XPS and XRD - Background Evidence of Hydrogen with XPS Analysis Interfacial Chemistry in AlTi/Graphite Systems SEM/EDS of Submicrometer Flyash  Thin Film Lanthanum Hexaboride Coating  

Technical Articles - Quantitative Surface Analysis

Calculated Auger Sensitivity Factors vs. Handbook Calculated AES Yields, 1-10kV Primary Beams Effect of Transmission Function on AES Yields  

Technical Articles - Biomaterials

Bioreactivity of Titanium Implant Alloys XPS and XRD of of Oxides on Dental Alloys XRD of Pd Dental Alloys Electronic Immunoassay Patent