A wide variety of physical vapor deposition coating methods are available as well, depending upon your specifications. These coating techniques include plasma spraying, sputtering, reactive evaporation, etc. Coating materials and methods are evaluated for your application. Thin film design services are available; devices include various types of sensors and protective coatings.

Erosion Resistant Coating

A titanium-based multilayered coating was developed to improve cavitation and particle erosion resistance of steel components. During testing, it was superior to other processes on the market. The coating was also shown to increase the fatigue life of stainless steel components. This coating is covered under patents owned by Material Interface, Inc. and is available for commercialization.

Titanium-based multilayer coating
for erosion resistance.

Lanthanum Hexaboride

Thin film lanthanum hexaboride can be applied through a patented coating process to reduce the work function of surfaces and provide high electron emission currents at relatively low temperatures. Thin film lanthanum hexaboride can be sputtered onto carbon nanotubes to increase the electron emission. The work function of thin film LaB6 has been measured at 2.4 – 2.6 eV. Other applications include flat panel displays and electron optic devices.

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